About us


About us

Nailtex LTD is a manufacturer of various types of nails. Launched in 2003 the company has gradually expanded its customer base and today exports about 90% of its production to countries such as Estonia, Latvia, the Netherlands,
Germany, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Denmark, England. We grew up with our customers. It is not only production volumes which have increased which started from a small amount, apprx 30 tons per month. Today's production volume of nails sold jumped up to 250 t / month. However we are much more proud on the increase in production quality indicators which were significant for both us and our customers.The assortment of nails made is very diverse and depends on the requirements of the customers.

We manufacture smooth, ring, twisted nails for pallets and the construction industry, as well as specialty nails for bituminous roofing.

Growth of the company , EU support 

In 2008 and 2014 Nailtex LTD participated in the Gazelle competition and received a certificate of approval. Gazelė is a competition organized by Verslo Žinios for the fastest growing Lithuanian small and medium business companies.

One of the most important criteria of the Gazelle competition is the transparency and publicity of the company's performance. The Gazelle competition is not limited to Lithuania - it is an international competition for small and medium-sized businesses worldwide. In the first year, the company seeking the Gazelle title must have a turnover of EUR 150K -3.3 million and in the last year of comparison it must be profitable.

In 2010-2011 Nailtex LTD implemented two projects , under the program of "Increasing Business Productivity and Improving the Environment for Business", VP2-2.1-ŪM-04-K "New Opportunities": increasing the readiness for export of products and wire and increasing the export of nails. With the support of the EU, market research has been carried out, which will help to further develop the company and to achieve its goals.

In 2017 June the company started the implementation of the project "Installation of a solar power plant in the metalworking industry". The aim of the project was to reduce the intensity of electricity consumption from the centralized electricity grid.