Loose nails

Ring nails

Threaded Ring nails are used wherever strong reinforcement is required. Compared to smooth nails, the pull-out value is 4 times better than the uniform nail level.

Parameters of the nails

Length from (L, mm) Length to (L, mm)
25 120
Diameter from (d, mm) Diameter to (d, mm)
2.5 4.0
Head size from (D, mm) Head size to (D, mm)
5.0 9.0
Diameter after thread from (d1 mm) Diameter after thread to (d1 mm)
2.7 4.6
Thread lenght from (L1, mm) Thread lenght to (L1, mm)
5.0 100
Thread from (T, mm) Thread to (T, mm)
1.0 2.0
Head thickness from (h, mm) Head thickness to (h, mm)
0.6 1.8

In the photo gallery below you can see what types of nails we are able to produce and offer to you