Nail production line

Enkotec's automated high-performance nail-making machines are designed with a modular principle that produces high quality nails. Therefore, Nailtex UAB uses two types of Enkotec automated machines for nail manufacturing - this choice was determined by the most popular nail demand in the market. The principle of rotating production of these devices enables our company to produce high quality nails of various lengths and diameters. This is a unique principle of nail manufacturing, which allows not only to work efficiently, but at the same time to ensure excellent product reliability and quality.

Production line for Coil nails

The CN 90 nail welding machine is used in the production of Coil nails, which ensure high quality nail welding and coiling. This automatic machine has an integrated automatic coiler, cutting unit, automatic anti-corrosion nail coating, packaging, and a constant automatic quality monitoring system.

This type of nails are commonly used in the production of wooden pallets using pneumatic nails. Our coil nails are used in all major pneumatic nailing models currently available on the market.

Different types of coil nails are offered: smooth, ring, screw and of course in various diameters and lengths.